Membership in a local church is not about privilege, being an insider, or attending church meetings. Rather, membership in the local church is about covenanting with others in the church as a community of faith on a unique and common mission together. Our hope is that we will joyfully grow in the process of understanding, benefiting from, and centering on the truth of the gospel; that we would grow in our gospel identity and let it transform every part of our lives, recognizing and living out the identity-transforming power of the gospel; that we might live lives that are constantly defined by the grace of God, intentionally living out the mission of the gospel; that as missionaries to the world around us, we might draw attention and bring glory to our risen rescuer and redeemer. We covenant as family to mutually care for one another and to infect those around us with the gospel of Jesus Christ for the glory of God and the good of the city. We covenant with one another to edify one another in the gospel, to grow in knowing one another more deeply, to speak hard truths graciously, to identify and grow in our respective roles and gifting’s, to extend grace and understanding to one another when in tension, and to seek reconciliation when we find ourselves in conflict. In short, when we become covenant members, each covenant member says to the other, “We are with you, and we are for you.